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The stuff from two days after

I didn't go to work today. I thought I would try, but I was too busy with the after effects of the accident. I think I slept a little better last night, but it still hurts when I move around, especially my neck and arm and shoulder.

My left hand was really swollen when I woke up this morning, so I decided to take the bandage off the arm. It's pretty bad, purple and blue and black in a lot of places, and very swollen. There are also a lot of scrapes and cuts on it, and I think it's going to take awhile to heal. I now understand why they wanted to x-ray it. It's not that bad, though, and maybe there won't be any scarring. It didn't hurt too badly when I cleaned it off with antibacterial soap and warm water, but the bruises are pretty sore and the road rash on my upper arm is downright painful.

I called the insurance company to follow up on my claim. They were very helpful, and when the first guy heard about the accident, he transferred me to someone else. I think I got the special claims people. They took down as much info as I had on the wreck, and I said I'd do what I could to get the report to them as soon as I got it. They're giving me a special claims person for the medical stuff, and I think Graham and I will both make appointments with physical medicine people to take a look at our necks and soft tissue. We may also look into mental health, if we have difficulty with PTSD type stuff.

After talking to the insurance company, I set forth to find my car. It took about three phone numbers, but I finally located it in the Heights, not too far from where I live. I called my mom, and she went with me to clear out the car of my personal crap. I probably could have left it all there. It's not worth anything. But I wanted to go. I found the corpse of my ipad. Lots of canvas bags for shopping. An old license plate. Some maps. All of the records of my car's repair over its lifetime. The owners manual. Fortunately, there were a lot of bags, so it wasn't hard to find something to put all the crap in. I'll go through it all later. I was really glad to get my keys back.

I think my mom was a little thrown by the state of the car. She knew how bad it was, but seeing it was very different than seeing pictures or hearing descriptions of the wreck. I showed her where I thought the guy had hit us. I showed her how I think the car dragged on the left side, which is when I must have gotten all the road rash. I showed her how I crawled out the back window. I don't think my dad would have handled seeing it.

Getting out of there was pretty easy. I just handed over my license, and they recorded my info and noted that the insurance company would be coming by to pick it up. I left a key for the insurance company. It was weird to know I'd never see it again.

I liked that car. I bought it in 1999 when I had my first legal job, and I paid it off three years later in 2002. It was practical, and it put me through a lot. I picked it out because it was $6,000 less than the automatic version of the same vehicle, even though I didn't know how to drive a stick when I bought it. It went to Washington DC and back, then to Berkeley and back. It went to Taos several times. It's been in the Grand Canyon parking lot twice. It went to Yosemite. It drove through 16 states plus DC. It went to the ranch a few hundred times. For as long as I had it, it didn't have that many miles on it. 117,000, or about 10,000 a year. I've always lived within five miles of work, and aside from road trips, I don't venture too far from home in my car for day-to-day living. It was beginning to show signs of age, and since it was two door, it wasn't particularly child seat friendly. I was planning on getting a new car sometime this summer. But I was also planning on keeping this one, maybe making it into an art car, maybe just making sure that we had two vehicles instead of one, even though Graham prefers to drive his scooter than a car. I'm sad that it left me like this.

When I got home, I called the insurance company to tell them the car was ready for them. They'll take it away, get some sort of value for it and write me a check. I can't imagine it'll be that much.

Graham and I went to Target after we got back. My parents brought the Suburban back with them when they came home this weekend, so we're driving that until we get my car replaced. The Suburban was bought in 1992, the same weekend I brought Relampago home the first time. I drove it through most of law school. Claudia drove it for awhile after she lost her Escape to a drunk driver in 2005. Jose drove it for over two years after Ike killed his car. It's been in at least three major wrecks (drunk driver hit it, drunk driver hit it, driver fell asleep at the wheel in it) and several minor wrecks (including a memorable incident with a cow). And it's survived everything. It's actually somewhat comforting to drive it. No one is going to miss it, and we feel very safe in it's monstrous body.

We bought some random stuff that we needed like hand soap and conditioner and fabric softener and dog food. We also bought Celosa a squeak toy and some bully sticks. Celosa, of course, has been spoiled rotten since her miracle. Not that she wasn't spoiled before. But she's had a lot of extra food--a good hunk of fajitas on Saturday night, half a bowl of ice cream last night--and lots of tummy rubs since the accident. I sometimes just look at her in amazement that she's still here. Just a miracle.

After Target, we went to Erotic Cabaret to get some sunglasses. I have no idea what happened to mine. I assume they're somewhere on 290. They were on my face at the start of the accident, but I haven't seen them since. They left a bruise on my left ear, and I think they protected me from flying glass when the windshield shattered. I found both spare pair in the car when I went through it, but they were both badly scratched and one of them got pretty bent. I always get my sunglasses at Erotic Cabaret, and I found a replacement pair pretty quickly. It'll do.

Then, off to Walgreens to pick up some drugs. Then home.

I played with the corpse of my ipad, and miracle of miracles, it turned on. I could even get it to work through the broken glass. Tomorrow, I'll take it over to the Apple store with my extended warranty and my tale of woe and hope they take pity on me.

I have a conference call at work at one. I'm going to go to work for a few hours, but I don't think I can sit in front of a computer for 9 hours straight with my neck the way it is. I sent my boss the post describing the wreck, though, and she's pretty ok with me taking a little time off.


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May. 3rd, 2011 08:23 am (UTC)
seriously, I know you work in health care so you know what to look for, but if you have even the slightest symptoms of post-concussive syndrome get it checked out. I'm worried you guys smacked your noggins. I'm sorry you are both sore and beat up some but I'm so glad it wasn't worse.
May. 3rd, 2011 05:28 pm (UTC)
Wow, I didn't realize from the pic that it's the same car. Poor car. But it did its final job of taking the hits for you, so it went out an anthromorphized hero.
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