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I have a silly horoscope sent to me every day. This was yesterday's:

Slow down and do things your own way today. Think of it as a revealing test -- those who get too frustrated with you are the people you need to avoid working with as much as you can.

I tried as hard as I could to avoid that guy, but it wasn't enough.

We slept last night. I was worried that we wouldn't be able to, that I'd be thinking too much about what happened, but the day was so exhausting that I didn't have any trouble falling asleep. I don't think Graham did either.

It was hard to find a comfortable position, though. My left arm still hurts quite a bit with all the scrapes and bruises, and I have a bandage on it from my wrist up to my bicep. I can't bend at the elbow very well. My shoulder is pretty bruised, and putting pressure on it or moving it above my head is pretty painful.

My neck is pretty sore, too. And we both discovered that we hit our heads really badly on the roof of the car during the roll over, though neither one of us lost consciousness. I have a weird bruise on my left ear and the left side of my skull. I assume that it's from my sunglasses. I wonder if I'll ever see them again. As the night wore on, I think these bruises and sores started to manifest, and I'd occasionally roll over and wake myself up with pain and discomfort.

Graham woke up before I did, and he seemed to be in pretty good shape, though his neck and head hurt. He also has a pretty banged up right elbow.

It took awhile to figure out how to get out of bed, but once out, I started feeling a little less achy. I did take a vicodin soon after I got out of bed, and a lot of ibuprofen.

Celosa was bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning. It really seems as nothing ever happened to her. She's been amazing. We think that her fur saved her from any injury. It's so thick and protective. We're thinking of taking her to see and thank the firemen who took her after the accident when we're more able to get around.

Our friends Don and Amy stopped by to check in on us and make sure we didn't need anything. Jose stopped by to pick up something he forgot and make sure we were OK. Claudia came by with breakfast and coffee. She bought one of everything at Guadalupana. I think we have enough food for the next week.

Graham talked to both of his parents, and my mom called to make sure we were ok today. She and my dad will be coming back later this afternoon.

Every now and then I think about what happened and I start to freak out a bit. I remember most of the accident itself, and I remember flipping over. I remember crawling around my car, looking to get out the back. I remember sitting there and freaking out about Celosa. I remember the unbelievable feeling of relief that she was ok. I remember being so thankful that everyone was ok.

And the support from our friends and family has been unbelievable. I sent last night's post to everyone I could think of that would want to know that hadn't already checked in via facebook or calling. Dozens of people have asked us how they could help, and we are getting lots of people checking in on whether we need anything.

I also think about how much I love Graham, and how I think something like this really drives that point home. We gave each other strength through out this trauma. We were united throughout, and we were never very far from one another. Our first relief was knowing that the other was ok, and it felt really good to describe him as my fiance when I was talking to everyone who asked us questions. We're good at making it through something like this together, and I'm overjoyed that we can make it through the horrible, horrible, bad, no good things together.


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May. 2nd, 2011 07:28 am (UTC)
lots of continued healing vibes!

i love the idea of taking celosa to visit the firefighters and thank them!

and i love you

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