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What my weekend was like

I think the video covers the highlights, though the full menu probably bears some explanation.

Minestrone, by Stephanie

Insalata caprese, by 'stina
Caper berries
Prosciutto e melone, by 'stina

Timpano, by Graham (with Celosa supervising)

Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic, by Graham
Asparagus risotto, by 'stina
Roasted vegetables, by 'stina, Graham and Stephanie

Cannoli, by Graham
Ricotta pie, by Stephanie
Assorted gelato
Tiramisu, brought by Jenny
Sweet polenta, brought by Robert
Molasses cookies, brought by David
Goat cheese and balsamic vinegar on toast, brought by Yen

Each guest was asked to bring a bottle of wine per person, and we strongly suggested that everyone refrain from eating too much that day.

Graham, Stephanie and I had been working on this since Valentine's Day. It really came together, and our back yard was perfect for the event. We had almost everything we needed for a sit down, five course dinner party for 20 people. We had to borrow wine glasses and dinner plates from my mom. Stephanie and another friend had the tables, and Stephanie brought six chairs. My parents hosted a reception for a memorial service earlier that weekend, and they donated the flower arrangement.

Graham and I went to Phoenicia last weekend for the cured meats and cheeses and some of the timpano fixings. We worked on the back yard for the last few weeks, and I bought some small herbs for the table to serve as centerpieces on Wednesday. Graham and Stephanie bought most of the food on Friday at three separate grocery stories, and they started prep on the timpano and minestrone. Graham set up the Christmas lights in the back yard, using the frame from our Burning Man shade structure. Stephanie and I went to the farmers market on Saturday morning for produce, and we spent a good hunk of the morning chopping vegetables while Graham made the timpano. We rested for a few hours before the party, and then did the last minute prep around 5:00.

The first guests started arriving around 6:00 pm and we stared eating at around 7:15. We spaced the dinner about 30 minutes between courses, so guests could get up and socialize outside the three or four people seated around them at the table. We totally went through all of the soup, antipasti and timpano. There was chicken, risotto and veggies leftover, and some of the dessert. We went through all but two of the bottles of wine.

It'll be awhile before we do another one, but it was a great experience. I especially liked that there was no particular reason for this other than we wanted to cook for our friends and have a nice evening together. The weather was perfect. The fire pit was nice, but it didn't get so cold to be outside. People used the hammock, and it was just an all around pleasant evening. I think the last people went home around 12:45.

Celosa, of course, had a blast.



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Mar. 15th, 2011 06:14 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for sharing == this was the perfect bedtime "snack." And it looks like it was an AMAZING evening.

PLus, the Celosa cameos were simply divine :).
Mar. 15th, 2011 01:54 pm (UTC)
I have never heard of Timpano before - but it looks delcious! Okay - actually it ALL looked delicious. Such fun! I hope my reception has this same vibe - just a bunch of friends enjoying themselves thoroughly :)
Mar. 21st, 2011 12:48 pm (UTC)
Your wonderful party
What a fabulous party. Love the pictures and especially love the music accompanying your video. And it was nice to see the results of all your hard work on your garden. Although there's still 6" of snow in my backyard, you've inspired me to think about outdoor parties this summer.

Miss Maine
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