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Not at all to make light of the horribleness of what happened in Japan, the word "tsunami" triggers a particular story that always makes me smile.

It is told by my uncle and my cousin. My dad always talks about his brother's brilliance. While my dad and my Tio Pat had to settle for medical school, my Tio Bill was smart enough to get into vet school, which was (and I believe still is) much more difficult to get into than medical school. Bill's daughter, Stacy, had to settle for medical school, graduating second in her class at UTMB. But nonetheless, really, really smart people.

So the story goes that Tio Bill and Stacy were fishing somewhere on a beach in Galveston Bay, waist deep in the water, probably casting for redfish or snapper. Other fisher people were nearby, and it was a beautiful, sunny day. Not a cloud in the sky, a nice breeze, perfect day to spend on the water. I'm sure a cooler of beer was nearby, and they were just leisurely casting their lines and hoping for the best.

Suddenly, the water level starts changing. It's not like a tide, because there aren't waves. The water at my uncle's waist lowers to mid-thigh, then to knee level, then shin. It's moving quickly, and my uncle starts to get concerned about what would cause the water to recede so quickly.

It dawns on him what it might be.

He yells "Tsunami!!!", grabs my cousin by the arm, and starts running to the beach, pulling her behind him. She has no time to do much else but follow.

Panting, they get to what he considers relative safety and start looking towards the water. The other fisher people, who couldn't have missed the warning yell and/or quick retreat to shore, are still there in the water, and it looks like the water level has returned to where it had been.

Out in the distance, a very large ship--container cargo ship or oil tanker--with massive displacement is moving along the horizon, sucking up water as it moves past.



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Mar. 11th, 2011 10:31 pm (UTC)
Mar. 11th, 2011 11:39 pm (UTC)
Ok, that is hilarious.


(loves the Gulf)
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