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Happy Valentine's Day!

Tonight, Graham and I prepared surf 'n' turf (steamed lobster and grilled ribeye) with boiled new potatoes and sauteed spinach and garlic for ourselves and our friend Stephanie. She brought over a couple of bottles of wine and some Girl Scout Cookies, and we had a lovely Valentine's Day dinner planning out a dinner party for 25 people later on in the spring.

It'll be a five course sit-down Italian affair in mid March, and Graham showed us the playlist he's already made for the evening. I think I'm doing an asparagus-lemon risotto and some of the side veggies. Stephanie is doing a minestrone and some of the antipasti. Graham is doing a timpano. I think there's a duck plan for the segundo dish, though it might change to some sort of pork or chicken. And we'll all figure out the desserts. Our guests are asked to bring at least a bottle of wine a person, and I think that this will end up being a lovely evening. I'll even bring out some of my homemade limoncello.

It was a really nice Valentine's day evening, and I'm glad that we spent it with a good friend. We were supposed to have met two weeks ago, but it iced over the night we were going to meet and we had to reschedule. When Stephanie e-mailed over the weekend to ask about calendaring for Sunday night or tonight and then quickly rescinded tonight due to the holiday, we immediately told her to not be silly and come celebrate Valentine's Day with us. Graham doesn't like seafood, and I had two lovely lobsters (bless Valentine's day sales) that I was planning on cooking this evening. It was perfect that another person could come over and help me with them.

I hope that you all were able to spend the day doing something slightly decadent or otherwise spent with someone you love, friend or lover. I'm fortunate to have both in my life, plus Celosa, who is as full of love as a creature can be. May the rest of my friends feel love, too.