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The idea of Ben Rothlisberger winning a Superbowl this year made me sick to my stomach, and so I cared, more than most years, about the outcome of this game.

Because of Rothlisberger, I avoided most of the media hype this year, but again and again, I kept on hearing the word "redemption." And I honestly didn't understand what the hell they meant by that word. He never admitted to doing anything wrong to that girl, and the most he would admit to was "having bad judgment."

The man was clearly a douchebag in Georgia that night, and for it, he suffered a six game suspension that was reduced to four games. The official reason for the suspension was for violation of the league's personal conduct policy.

I realize that some people think that the suspension wasn't enough. Others think that the guy's employer shouldn't have been involved in what happened off the field.

I just don't see how winning a Superbowl atones or makes up for bad sexual behavior with a drunk girl.

Then I understood, all those sports writers, pundits, experts weren't talking about seeking redemption for the horrible conduct last spring. They were talking about the redemption for letting the team down in the first four games of the season. They could have given a shit about the fucked up way the whole thing in Georgia happened, what with the law enforcement that didn't believe the girls' and the body guards that made sure evidence was difficult to collect. They just were upset that Big Ben--just a kid out there--wasn't able to play for the first four games of the season.

Which of course, made me root even harder for the Packers--who are not necessarily sweet and innocent--during the Superbowl. It was with great joy that I watched that first interception turned into a touchdown. And the three subsequent turnovers. And the limping and visible frustration.



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Feb. 8th, 2011 04:00 am (UTC)
I agree with you on Roth...he's a douche. Nothing changes just because you throw a football to win a game.

I, however, wasn't rooting for them because of him. He could have been anyone under that helmet as far as I cared. But there is a kid who plays for the Steelers who has had to grow up and fight for every inch of what he got. He graduated from my high school in Amarillo, which is really a "wrong side of the tracks" school. He was a mess in Jr. High, my ex husband and his friend were his coach and said he was a "little prick" back then. But the coaches, from my ex through his high school, saw something in him and busted that crap out of him. He did college and then got picked up by the Steelers. He's a freshman this year. Ziggy Hood. And he managed to sack the GB quarterback in this game. I yelled for them because I wanted that kid to get his ring. I'm going to hope he gets it later.

Bruce was rooting for GB. It was a good game.

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