'stina (texaslawchick) wrote,

Grown ups

Years ago, as moppety and I wandered through the appliances section of Best Buy, I opined that I first felt like a grown up when shopping for hot-water-heaters. No one else cares about hot-water-heaters.

Today, I'm feeling adult giddiness because of an early birthday present from my mother: a new dishwasher. Ours has been on the fritz for nearly a year, and with the state appliance rebates being offered (I'm on the wait-list, hopefully not everyone on the main list took advantage of the situation) for Energy Star appliances purchased last week, it seemed like a good time to replace the dishwasher.

This, of course, leads to musings about a new refrigerator. And then desires for a new gas range with convection oven. All the way to an entire new kitchen. And so on and so on.

Our home improvement dreams seem to grow rather than diminish over time. We're hoping that we can be in a position to make solid arrangements in the fall to begin construction on the house for an additional 600 square feet of space and upgraded energy efficiency housewide. And we find ourselves on HGTV and the DYI network more often when we're channel surfing. Shows about contractor horror stories interspersed with design idea shows and do-it-your-self installation idea shows.

So we think about very adult things like the type of insulation that we want to blow between exterior walls. And whether or not Hardee plank is the way to go for the whole house or just the addition. And finding deals on reclaimed wood for hardwood floors. And how much of this can we do ourselves?

And yes, we go back to that first grown up question of what sort of hot water heater should we get. Today, baby steps, with a new dishwasher. Hopefully soon, lots more steps to go.
Tags: home improvement

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