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I only had the one gallbladder...

I took my bike in for a mini-check up today. The tires were inflated and they took a look at what needs to be fixed up. I am riding in the tour de Houston again on Sunday, so I couldn't leave my bike to get it's back tire and the handle wraps replaced, but I'll take my bike back for that later on.

But I'm riding the MS150 this year. Dammit.

Last year's gall bladdar incident won't be repeating itself, so I'm getting myself ready for the ride.

The ride starts a month from yesterday, and my butt is already sore thinking about the 180 miles I'll be in a bike saddle.

Sooner or later I'll have a donation page up and I'll be hitting ya'll up for cash.

In the meantime, everyone hope that my body doesn't decide something else is wrong with it at the last second.