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Flight woes, Ikea wins, and work

My sister Olivia was one of 160 people booked on a plane with 130 seats yesterday. She knew something was awry when she checked in online and Continental didn't tell her which seat was hers. She got to the airport at some ungodly hour to discover she had no seat on the plane. Rumors started that there were no flights for a few days at least. And she had to stand in a line for an hour and a half to figure out what her next step was. Though neither Houston nor San Francisco were snowed in, apparently there's a clusterfuck factor when half the country is dumped with snow the day before your flight.

Twelve hours later, she had $200 cash in her pocket and was sipping champagne in an utterly delightful first class seat on her way to Houston. I think she was exactly 12 hours late.

In other news, if ya'll have any kids on your list, Ikea has some pretty awesome kids gifts that aren't all that expensive. We got our friend Vivian (age four and a half) this easel for about $15. Ikea had probably 400 of them piled around the store, and it seemed like every other shopper was lugging around an easel. We plan on telling her that she can write out her orders for her siblings on it. We got her brother Matthew (age two and some change) a kick ass wooden train set for about the same (the linked set is similar, but not the same set up as the one we got). And we got their little brother Jonathan (age 5 months) a soccer ball. for $4.

I have two more presents to get before Christmas and then I'm done. We sent off Graham's parents' gifts today. My parents are taken care of. Liv and Jose are taken care of. Graham is sort of taken care of, though I need to get him something else, and Liv and I are collaborating on Claudia's gift.

My office is more or less dead. There are a few people here, but not enough to get anything done. The parking garage is half empty, and when I got here, lawyers were swapping bread recipes. I suspect that I'll get a lot of the stuff I've been meaning to get off my desk done, so long as it doesn't involve me interacting with other people. I haven't gotten an e-mail all day.


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Dec. 21st, 2009 09:37 pm (UTC)
We got the easel last year. It was a huge hit (even though we've subsequently had to hide the dry-erase markers from the toddler after she colored on a lot of non-dry-erase surfaces. This year she's getting the rocking moose, which I should probably take time to put together today.

Dec. 21st, 2009 10:19 pm (UTC)
We bought chalk for Vivian, thinking that it was the least destructive of the easel accessories. Her parents can get the more dangerous markers.

I'm glad to hear that it's a hit. Apparently Viv likes to color quite a bit.

Edited at 2009-12-21 10:19 pm (UTC)
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