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meeting people from the internet

One of the lawyers from my lawyer board is in town for a deposition, so I'm going to grab a drink with him later tonight. It's funny how many people I've met in hotel rooms or restaurants or bars or airports that I've talked to a lot but never actually met.

Every time I get a little nervous, hoping that I'll like the person as much in real life as I liked them on the boards. First one ever was Skulkraker, who was in Houston for a conference, and I picked him up at his hotel and we went for dinner. Then Big Al and Oompah met me in the Atlanta airport when I flew to D.C. once. Then Occido met me in a bar on that same trip to D.C. Then I think it was Aiglos in the Houston Public Library, the day before he left for the first PBP so I could give him stuff for KAM. Then Trigger in NYC at a friend of mine's apartment. WE went out to eat and hang out. Then Belmont, Chameleon and Cricket in a restauant in NYC. Then alias, who came to stay with me for a few days before we drove to a party in Dallas. After that it gets blurred because there are so many people and a lot of them were met all at one time at some party or another. I'd say that by now, I've probably met between 150 and 200 people from being on-line.

But every time, it's a little nerve wracking. Every time, you do that double take of "hi. HI!!" when you realize who someone really is.

This time, identification is going to be a little easier than usual, because I told him to look for the devil in the red vinyl jeans and wifebeater.